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H.I.T.C.H Project Management Software - Have Intelligent Technology Check

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H.I.T.C.H (HAVE, INTELLIGENT, TECHNOLOGY, CHECK) is Customized Construction Management Software; an Internet ready software solution popularly known as ERP for Construction & Re-development industries. In simple words an ERP is the integrated software solution encompassing all the functional departments of the enterprise.

H.I.T.C.H consists of integrated functions for Accounts & Finance management, Sales, Marketing & CRM Management, Project Budgeting, Estimation, Planning, & Project Management, Purchase, Store & Inventory Control, Labor Contract Management, Human Resource Management, Quality Control, Tender & Billing Management and Fixed Asset Management. All the above functions share common data thus makes the organization homogenous.

H.I.T.C.H is available on Licensing, Annual Subscription as well as SaaS. Hosting options are-Campus Server or Cloud.

Product Features

Integrate Everything with Everyone, Everywhere. From project teams in the Office, to Subcontractors and Field Workers, all parties will be Synchronised like never before.

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All information that is gathered in reports can be billed to particular client/project. H.I.T.C.H Project Management software solution has the option to give you insightfulness on which client/project you make higher profits, and which projects you are happier not taking.

As H.I.T.C.H Project Management Software the board programming can enable you to group the information towards a client/project, and you know the expenditure you have. You can follow the definite expenses versus the expenditure limit. Contractors have day by day data into their benefit and their project completion. While the project/task builders are able to alter things in order to gain their margins.

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With H.I.T.C.H Project Management software, work assignment improves project overall performance. Permitting projects and tasks is only a single click away as everything is under centralized location. Updates in software give alerts to project owners during an event gone wrong and sends emails or sms with the issue recorder. This common issue related to contract labors can be identified and resolved without harming the project timeline. Construction Software resolves issues quicker than manual computation. Delays routing back to material unavailability in the warehouse, material misplacement, miscommunication, etc. are determined with construction software.

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Usually, supervisors are incompetent to attend to every item in a given construction project delivery lifecycle. Even a management partner might have difficulty in planning sources, choose teams for collaboration, tracking project progress, managing and combining new incoming client requests, re-scheduling timelines due to reducing project deadlines, pursuing any issues, and many others. H.I.T.C.H Project Management Software automates many of those tasks as well as others such as operating resources across multiple projects, generating and renewing project schedules, and ensuring the project is profitable.

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Main benefit of cloud-based software is 24*7 availability. Cloud based H.I.T.C.H Project Management Software. Control all your project information in one place, from anywhere. H.I.T.C.H Project Management Software is cloud based construction management software that keeps construction teams better connected and organized.

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  • Access control - who has the right to obtain the Software.
  • Authorization - Determining Rights of a User.
  • Authentication - Examining who the user Is.
  • Data stability - Maintain Confidentiality of Data.
  • Password integrity - Encryption of Passwords.
  • Automated Data Backup.

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In several industries, data collection and data reporting has been the main reason for improved performance and profitability. In the construction business, where subcontractors face on efficiency, safety, and quality. Data will be playing a very important role to gain a competitive advantage.

However, receiving and preparing data has been a tough process. Construction management is changing that. With the correct reporting features, subcontractors can collect and process real-time data in easy to read custom reports. This helps contractors better understand what happens in their business and can change the way they operate to increase their thin margins and improve safety procedures on site.

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Ultimately, businesses today require construction management software that can work beyond both desktop and mobile platforms. The capacity for supervisors, sub-contractors and employees to access all cloud-based project data while at the actual job site cannot be underestimated.

Web-based construction software is the preferred option, as the increased capabilities can further facilitate reviewing project specifications, equipment schedules, worker schedules, job progress, deadline changes, new client input, and available resources. That would be help project managers to make on-the-spot decisions faster and reduce the need for returning to the office to confer with all relevant departments. Obtaining all the above-listed features on a mobile platform can accommodate complete projects faster.

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Communication inside the workplace and the field is one of the most difficult parts for subcontractors. Pretty regularly communication is lost in the quantity of SMS and messages which executes it hard to consider individuals fault. Tracking data inside your business is the key to manage responsibility and overcome communication-related risk. When purchasing software, subcontractors should perceive how they'll communicate with their staff.

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The expenses and costs of a construction project require to be similarly controlled and such software for the task also needs to be able to blend and alternate accounting data by other types of enterprise accounting software. H.I.T.C.H Project Management Software is able to support project managers who have to oversee anywhere from a small number of projects a year to hundreds of projects concurrently, depending on the size of the company. It is additionally able to automate functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, work order entry, and payroll to name a few, with the compliance to adjust based on the client and job.

And Many More Features...

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